We believe that all students deserve access to high-quality instruction… at an affordable price. We know it isn’t easy to prepare for the GMAT on your own, so we created the GMAT Prep Now course, an innovative, on-demand video education program with hundreds of high quality videos. To help you get the most out of the lessons and practice questions, we also created a comprehensive Learning Guide that acts as your personal roadmap to success on the GMAT. Who are we? A team of talented educators, curriculum planners and support staff who want to make a difference in your academic success. Meet the team...

The GMAT Prep Now Team

Brent Hanneson (BSc, BEd, MEd) – Founder/GMAT Instructor

Brent has been teaching for over 20 years and, during that time, he has identified the GMAT-specific skills required to test confidently and score higher. As someone whose GMAT score is in the 99th percentile, he knows what it takes to beat this challenging test. Brent is a Featured Expert on the Beat The GMAT discussion forums, and he's a contributor to Getting In, Bloomberg Businessweek's business school blog. Brent also created a classroom-based GMAT course offered by 10 universities across North America. Brent also founded Greenlight Test Prep, an online GRE prep course. In his spare time, Brent enjoys traveling, playing hockey, spending time with his family, tending to his show poodles, bare-knuckle boxing, and competitive scrapbooking.

Anthon Sonnenberg - GMAT Tutor

Anthon has been tutoring for over 10 years in Europe, Asia and North America. He received a Masters in Philosophy and a doctorate in Engineering from one of the top engineering schools in the U.S. He is very passionate about helping others ‘see the light’ and showing them how they too can do well on the GMAT. His tutoring focus is on a true understanding of the material – not just memorization and strategies – to improve creative and critical thinking. He is a patient, accommodating tutor and his goal is to turn his students into quick and accurate thinkers. Anthon enjoys exploring foreign cultures, (kite)surfing in exotic places, and going 50mph on his bicycle or skis.

John Easter - GMAT Tutor

John has been helping students prepare for the GMAT for over 15 years. During this time, he has identified specific skills and strategies that help students take the test with confidence and score higher than they imagined possible. In addition to teaching for several major test prep companies, John has created GMAT learning resources used by thousands of students. John lives, eats, drinks, and breathes GMAT (he even dreams about the GMAT!). In his spare time, John plays blitz chess, rides his bike ridiculously long distances (around Lake Michigan - all the way around!), and entertains his two cats.

Chris Charpentier - Programmer/Designer

Born and raised just outside of Vancouver, Chris graduated from UBC in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science. While Chris' training focused primarily on programming and database administration, he has always had an artistic side. In the world of websites he can do it all, from complex programming to effective designs, and heads his own web development company, Sharp Web Service. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Chris enjoys spending his free time exploring the beautiful natural landscapes in British Columbia with his wife and dog.

Colleen Barrett - Content Provider

Colleen graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA in Theatre Arts and completed graduate work in Psychology and English Language and Literature. Tapping into her skills in communication and delivery, she developed training materials and presented content to more than 3,500 professionals in her financial training classes at the Big 10 university. In addition to freelance writing, Colleen has a passion for Italian cooking, attending Renaissance fairs, and urban photography. Her personal dream is to publish a book explaining the themes and imagery in Shakespeare’s plays.

Katharine Rudzitis - Content Provider

Katharine grew up in New York City with three younger siblings and a rotating cast of pets. She completed a BA in Classics, English & Mathematics at Amherst College and an AS in Business Administration & Management through UoPeople. Katharine began working as a part-time tutor for creative writing, math, and physics in 2007, and that experience sparked an abiding interest in making high-quality test prep accessible to others. Katharine loves traveling and curling up with a cup of tea and a great book. She’s always up for a game of Magic: The Gathering or discussing her favorite new literary find.

Kerri Barrett - Marketing Specialist

Kerri earned a BA in History and an MBA specializing in Marketing and Strategic Management, both from the University of Minnesota. In her professional capacity, Kerri loves tackling the ever-changing world of online marketing and collaborating with the GMAT Prep Now team to make online GMAT training fun, accessible, and educational. Kerri can be found indulging in animation, video making, and international traveling in her free time, and will gladly discuss the finer points of great TV shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Cynthia Graves - Outreach Manager

After a career in journalism, Cynthia has spent over 20 years in education, working with students in grades K-12. She has a B.A. in Literature and has great love of words, reading and writing. Cynthia's spare time involvements include playing piano, walking, and cooking.

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