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With over 500 videos and 35 hours of video lessons and practice questions, our online GMAT preparation course will help you develop a deep understanding of every math AND verbal concept tested on the GMAT.

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Here's what you get:
Lesson Module # of Videos Viewing Time
1. General GMAT Strategies (FREE) 7 38 Minutes
2. Data Sufficiency (FREE) 16 105 Minutes
3. Arithmetic, Fractions, Percents and Ratios 38 179 Minutes
4. Powers and Roots 36 113 Minutes
5. Algebra, Equations and Inequalities 73 254 Minutes
6. Word problems 48 202 Minutes
7. Geometry 42 150 Minutes
8. Integer Properties 38 152 Minutes
9. Statistics 20 62 Minutes
10. Counting 27 84 Minutes
11. Probability 23 91 Minutes
12. Analytical Writing Assessment (FREE) 5 23 Minutes
13. Reading Comprehension (FREE) 10 63 Minutes
14. Critical Reasoning 38 227 Minutes
15. Sentence Correction 70 288 Minutes
16. Integrated Reasoning (FREE) 17 85 Minutes
Bonus Materials
5 full-length practice tests from 800score.com
Stacy Blackman E-Guide: Creating a Resume for MBA Applications
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Additional considerations

Videos of the Highest Quality

Our GMAT prep course was created by a veteran instructor with over 20 years of teaching experience.

You are in control

With video instruction, you can review important concepts as often as you wish. You can also skip concepts that you have already mastered. You can’t so that in a traditional classroom setting.

Try Before You Buy

Try us out! Watch some of our free GMAT videos before buying to make sure you’re comfortable with who you’re learning with, and what you’re paying for. Click on a Lesson Module above to access the free lessons. We’re so confident our course will meet and exceed your needs that we offer two risk-free guarantees.

Step-By-Step GMAT Learning Guide

To help you get the most from our course, we created a comprehensive Learning Guide that serves as your personal roadmap as you prepare for the GMAT.

Online Access for 12 Months

Your purchase gives you access to all videos for 12 months.

The Last Word

You don’t need expensive classes and tutors to master the GMAT. Studying online is easier, faster and costs less.

For 1 year’s access
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