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I believe that the best way to do well on the GMAT is to master the content. The GMAT Prep Now videos helped me become comfortable with the content. Brent's to-the-point teaching style made the content so much easier to understand. Tools and techniques for a particular topic are given in crisp detail, and you're then given a chance to test your grasp of the concept in the very next video. GMAT Prep Now offers great value for those who want to achieve a high score on the GMAT exam for a fraction of the price. I wish I had found this website before spending $1500 for a class with a major test prep company.
Muneeb Irfan, Chicago, Illinois

Wanted to let you guys know that you have a great site, and it was well worth my money. The step-by-step videos are very easy to understand. Overall, this was probably the best money I could have spent.
Milan Prodanovic, Boston, Massachusetts

I used the video lessons from GMAT Prep Now, and I liked them very much. I would like to assure you that the quality of the lessons is very high, and the design of the site is easy and understandable!

GMAT Prep Now is simply the best and easiest way to prepare for the GMAT. What I loved about GMAT Prep Now is how tailored it was to learn all the concepts tested on the GMAT. I can’t believe that the GMAT can be taught through the videos, but GMAT Prep Now has done it better than the best way! The course is really innovative. For many questions, more than one method is explained to make our life easy. Videos are exceptionally well organized and these videos come from one of the best teachers in GMAT-land.
Pardeep Singh

I'm a very satisfied user of the product. The best part about GMAT Prep Now is the video explanations – the video format makes a big difference. Easy to understand and easy to follow. It's almost like having a private tutor only for a very reasonable price. I think my math has improved drastically since I started using it.  The video explanations go clearly through each topic in detail, and each topic has a lot of sample questions that are also explained in detail. I was impressed that, after every question I got wrong, I was able to truly learn something from my mistake and walk away with everything I needed to solve it correctly the next time. Great product not only for advanced students but also for those beginning! Love GMAT Prep Now and wish I found out about it a little earlier.
Sarah Allan, Charlotte, North Carolina
Two thumbs up for GMAT Prep Now. The big plusses: it focuses on the Math necessary for the GMAT and how to apply it, and has some really nice tricks (e.g. How to quickly calculate squares ending in 5). Also, the structure of the modules: first a lesson then a practice exercise helps you apply your newly-learned knowledge, and at the end of each module, a whole bunch of questions help you check if you really understood all lessons. So far, it's the most efficient learning tool I've used (and at a comparably low price!). Keep up the good work!
Christine, Darmstadt, Germany

GMAT Prep Now is an excellent resource for understanding GMAT concepts in a virtual classroom environment and for those who are on a budget. The resources available are excellent - leverage them to the fullest. The instructor's method of teaching definitely connected with me.
Arindam M., Toronto, Ontario

Just wanted to say how much I'm getting out of the videos in your course. I just watched Arithmetic Video #18, Working with Percents, and it is just so clear, concise, and useful. I'm an older (40+) student studying for the GMAT. Following your study plan and working through the videos is really paying off. You have my appreciation.
Keith R., Toronto, Ontario

The product has been one of the best ways to study math. It has saved a lot of my time. Categorization of the toughness of the problems has been of great use.
Hari H.

The lessons are quite intuitive and, at the same time, they cover in-depth approaches to problems that we tend normally to neglect during the course of preparation on the GMAT. One of the most important aspects is we are getting quality input at a cost effective solution.
Chidu, Gujarat, India

This is to say a great huge thanks to GMAT Prep Now. Thank you guys for making a scary subject so much easier to understand and learn. I've always done poorly in quant-related subjects, namely maths and arithmetic. You can imagine my trepidation when I decided to take the GMAT. I will be taking the test a second time very soon, and for my first prep, I used the 60-day guide and Manhattan GMAT prep materials. I wish I had discovered you guys then, because I'm sure I would have done much, much better on the test.

I particularly appreciate the way you combine strategies and shortcuts with explanations. Now I regularly get "AHA! so that's how that works!" moments when I'm using the lesson modules. I will let you know how it goes with the GMAT the second time around, but I can already tell you that I am much more confident and less terrified of the test than I was last year, :).

Thank you so much for helping quant-virgins like myself actually understand and enjoy the topics, and polish our verbal skills. Keep up the good work! With many thanks.

Kemmy Gee

Love the program. It's helping me increase my score considerably. I recommend it to all my friends who are studying for the GMAT.
P.M., Toronto, Ontario
After trying many other websites and guides, I was lucky to find the GMAT Prep Now videos, which are the easiest and the fastest way to prepare for the exam. You are really talented in explaining and demonstrating concepts. Also, I found it so convenient that I can watch your videos on my iPad anywhere, anytime.
Rimoun Adel, C.E.O - Nile Creations, Cairo

Without GMAT Prep Now, the GMAT would have been difficult for me to master. I was able to learn the fundamentals quickly, and even master advance techniques. I spent 10x the amount with one of the big prep companies, but it was a total waste compared to GMAT Prep Now. GMAT Prep Now has done a great job, and is superior to any other forms of GMAT prep on the market. Brent, your explanations are clear and precise, thanks for all your help. I have been accepted to two of Canada's top MBA programs, and I wouldn’t have done it without GMAT Prep Now. I have recommended them to my friends and I always get the same response from them: "I wish I knew about this earlier."
Stephen O., Toronto, Ontario
This is not a question, but rather a huge thank you!!! I am certain that it was my use of the GMAT Prep Now videos that helped me obtain a score well over my target. Very user friendly, and the teaching methods were perfect for my learning style. I appreciated the test questions after each module as they served to reinforce the content as well as provide additional tips and techniques. I have already directed other friends to the site!
Kevin, F., Arlington, VA

GMAT Prep Now organized my studies, triggered a sense of urgency, and taught me how to think and react like a test-taking professional. I highly recommend this website!
Kyle P.

This is no doubt the best material available for GMAT prep. I found the Math section particularly useful, as it significantly increased my score. From my experience, I recommend you use ALL the GMAT Prep videos to prepare. I learned the hard way that content is only 40% of the key success factors, 60% is practice! Good Luck!
Christo, South Africa

I found out about the GMAT Prep Now videos through the 60-day GMAT study guide, posted on Well, after watching the first few free videos, I was hooked. After getting frustrated with the less than classy course material from one of the 4 major test prep companies, I bought the sentence correction module. Every few days I bought more individual modules, CR, stats and probability, and then finally the rest of the course. Let me tell you, even buying the arithmetic module was worth it. The audio/visual format helps to clarify complex concepts in a clear manner. I am totally hooked on the material and I think it’s the best prep material anywhere. I say that because I have bought materials from 4 other test prep companies and none of them have come close in matching Brent's course. The videos are high quality and the investment was totally worth it.
Ashish Kapoor, Gurgaon , India

The videos on make studying for the GMAT much easier. The step-by-step format is really giving me a total understanding of how the GMAT works and what is important to know and what is important not to know. The learning guide has made my study time much more efficient and it gives me confidence that I am covering the whole test.
Josh Lipman, Santa Monica, CA
I just received my GMAT test results: 710 with a Q50/V35/IR4/AWA4.5! I took the test on December 10 2013. I accidentally landed on the GMAT Prep Now website through a Google search and, within a few weeks, it changed my entire approach to the exam. When I first started preparing for the GMAT, I was nervous about Critical Reasoning and Sentence Correction, but this website was a godsend that helped me realize my GMAT dreams. Guys, I am not boasting; the slides are amazing, and the videos and voice are A++.
Ankish | 710- Q50 V35 IR4 AWA4
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