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What Students Love Most About GMAT Prep Now

  • Gregory W. (740 score)

    "I couldn’t have scored 740 without the help of GMAT Prep Now"

  • Le

    "The videos here are very well done and super helpful as Brent explains the concepts clearly and concisely"

  • Akhil Singla (690 score)

    "It’s one of the most cost-effective, well-structured courses available"

  • Ken (720 score)

    "Clear and well thought-out videos"

  • Mark L. (740 score)

    "I went into the GMAT feeling super confident and super prepared"

  • Amanda P. (660 score)

    "GMAT Prep Now helped me increase my score from the mid 500’s to a 660"

  • Shankar

    “In one word, it is precise. It has exactly what is needed for the exam”

  • Kevin F.

    "Thanks to GMAT Prep Now, I was able to increase my score by 200 points and also get accepted for a scholarship"

  • D. Agrawal

    "Brent’s examples and his way of explaining things are really really great"

  • Anjan

    "It’s a systematic approach to answering GMAT questions. Brent is also readily available to answer any questions."

  • Kirill S.

    “Brent is a passionate person who really wants to help you. He always gives you a friendly response.”

  • Rishabh (720 score)

    “The reinforcement questions at the bottom of every video really helped me”

  • Philipp H. (730 score)

    “Whatever you need, you can ask Brent, and he’ll give you a personal explanation”

  • Romy (700 score)

    "I love the platform. The videos were very useful"

  • Huba T.

    “My score improved 100 points on test day”

  • Nakul (700 score)

    “GMAT Prep Now has been an excellent resource for my preparation.It helped me boost my score from 630 to 700 on test day”

  • Glenn M (130 point increase)

    "Brent responds to questions very quickly"

  • Daniela S

    "Brent had all of the patience in the world."

  • Natalia M

    "Brent uses easy-to-understand language and well-structured lessons, which is especially important for non-native speakers"

  • Prachi G (710 score)

    "Go for this course. It’s absolutely amazing, and I love it."

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