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How the course works

Designed for mastering one GMAT topic at a time

This GMAT prep course is specifically designed to help you gain the mastery needed to tackle the wide range of unique questions the test-makers can create to evaluate your understanding of every topic tested on the GMAT.

Video Lessons

Bite-sized video lessons that explain everything you need to know about a handful of GMAT concepts.

Practice Questions

Each video lesson comes with tons of practice questions that test only those concepts covered in that lesson. 

Comment Board

Each lesson has its own comment board, where a GMAT expert will answer your questions about that specific topic.

Study Guide

Follow the step-by-step study guide, and you’ll soon be ready to take the GMAT with confidence!

What our GMAT students are saying

  • Gregory W. (740 score)

    "I couldn’t have scored 740 without the help of GMAT Prep Now"

  • Le

    "The videos here are very well done and super helpful as Brent explains the concepts clearly and concisely"

  • Akhil Singla (690 score)

    "It’s one of the most cost-effective, well-structured courses available"

  • Ken (720 score)

    "Clear and well thought-out videos"

  • Mark L. (740 score)

    "I went into the GMAT feeling super confident and super prepared"

  • Amanda P. (660 score)

    "GMAT Prep Now helped me increase my score from the mid 500’s to a 660"

  • Shankar

    “In one word, it is precise. It has exactly what is needed for the exam”

  • Kevin F.

    "Thanks to GMAT Prep Now, I was able to increase my score by 200 points and also get accepted for a scholarship"

  • D. Agrawal

    "Brent’s examples and his way of explaining things are really really great"

  • Anjan

    "It’s a systematic approach to answering GMAT questions. Brent is also readily available to answer any questions."

  • Kirill S.

    “Brent is a passionate person who really wants to help you. He always gives you a friendly response.”

  • Rishabh (720 score)

    “The reinforcement questions at the bottom of every video really helped me”

  • Philipp H. (730 score)

    “Whatever you need, you can ask Brent, and he’ll give you a personal explanation”

  • Romy (700 score)

    "I love the platform. The videos were very useful"

  • Huba T.

    “My score improved 100 points on test day”

  • Nakul (700 score)

    “GMAT Prep Now has been an excellent resource for my preparation.It helped me boost my score from 630 to 700 on test day”

  • Glenn M (130 point increase)

    "Brent responds to questions very quickly"

  • Daniela S

    "Brent had all of the patience in the world."

  • Natalia M

    "Brent uses easy-to-understand language and well-structured lessons, which is especially important for non-native speakers"

  • Prachi G (710 score)

    "Go for this course. It’s absolutely amazing, and I love it."

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