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Gregory W - "I couldn’t have scored 740 without the help of GMAT Prep Now"

Le - "The videos here are very well done and super helpful as Brent explains the concepts clearly and concisely."

Ken (720 score) - "Clear and well thought-out videos"

Rishabh (770 total score, perfect IR and AWA scores) - "Brent’s videos set you up for perfect scores."

Amanda P - "GMAT Prep Now helped me increase my score from the mid 500’s to a 660"

Anjan - "It’s a systematic approach to answering GMAT questions, plus I can easily access the topic I want to study for the day. Brent is also readily available to answer any questions."

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570 to 720

I'm not a shill (you can check my post history), and I can't recommend this site enough. Really helped me go from 570 to 720

Reddit, user: gaymondboofstad, score: 720

Great Resource

If you aren't using this great resource, you should seriously give it a look. I particularly found the counting and probability sections helpful.

GMAT Club, user: Purvil311, score: 730

Neatly Organized

I used purely to review. I can’t recommend it enough! The content on this site is very neatly organized and the bite-sized videos tell you just what you need to know for the test. You’ll find specific strategies for each section of the test, and those came in pretty handy today.

LinkedIn, user: Anjana Karumathil, score: 700

120-Point Gain

Guys, just wanted to share that this technique simply helped me to gain 120 points comparing to what I scored before, without extra studying. I have taken the exam 5 times and always had a problem with the timing - each time I had to skip last 10-15 questions to finish the section on time. I just finished my 5th exam, and so happy that applied this technique! Best of luck to everybody!

YouTube user


I watched the videos, retook the test and got a 610. What I thought was significant was that I watched the videos AND NOTHING ELSE. No more books. No drills. Nothing. I just watched the videos (which included working out the problems in the videos, of course), then took the test the day after I completed the last video. Amazing!!

Beat The GMAT, user: SoftwareDrone, score: 610, from a previous score of 430

The Best Site

The Best site. Absolutely amazing. Perfect. Love the way you explain. Loving it. Thank you for the videos, it was so easy to understand the concepts. Superb explanation... thanks for the videos. Just amazing videos. Thank you for providing such a helpful resource! The videos were both comprehensive and concise., Thanks a lot! They have been a great help! A very nice series of videos, with some nice questions-problems. Thank you for the tremendous help and I really hope you continue your great work. One of the best sites I’ve ever come across... Awesome site.

YouTube, users: Muhammad Arif, Miram Amin, Naz Parvin, Youssef Tarhouni, Tina Ebimami, koundinya sharma, Mayur Hussey, VnDynasty, nandeta puri, Mon, Veronica Gedela, Spyros D, Pooja Nahata, tanyacoolio

Excellent Content

GMAT Prep Now has excellent content, which did what I was looking for.

GMAT Club, user: shankarram, score: 770

Easy To Follow

Overall my advice to anyone preparing for the GMAT will be to use whatever text book you can lay your hands on and that works for some time but the kicker I find was using the GMAT Prep Now website. I signed up for it about 3 weeks before my exam and followed the outlined as much as I could. The videos were easy to follow and detailed, and in for certain topics the content was more robust than content in my text. I will also recommend doing the practice questions in order from the easy set to the more difficult sets. Within the 3 weeks of using the GMAT Prep Now course I was able to improve my scores from 600 to 660.

GMAT Club, user: tonabiyi, score: 660

A Treasure

It was like finding a treasure. The material is super and the links to questions are also mostly from the official GMAT.

GMAT Club, user: sumeetprof, score: 740


Your videos are amazing and your explanations and strategies are excellent!!, user: GMAT2016

GMAT Prep Now Is Fantastic

Brent Hanneson's GMAT Prep Now is fantastic. If there is one resource you want to use for GMAT preparation, then use this. Nobody will teach you permutation, combinations, and probability better than he taught me. He essentially boiled everything down to counting. Like I said earlier, he has mastered the art of simplifying GMAT material.

GMAT Club, user: boskyie, score: 750

Finally Scored a 710

Used this video course along with OGs and yes it did work wonders for me and I finally scored a 710.

Beat The GMAT forum, user: Kamakshi Chawla, score: 710

Cut To The Point

This site has videos for every concept tested on the GMAT and what official problems (and non-official) are related to those concepts. I like it for two reasons. One - it gives the official guide some structure and brevity. The practice problems in the official guide aren't in any sort of order, even though come concepts build off each other. Also, the official guide probably goes overboard with concepts. If you understand everything in these videos, you know all the math tested on the GMAT. So yeah just watch the videos and do the official/non-official problems associated with the concept. Videos are nice because they cut to the point of what exactly you need to know for the GMAT. The videos are short. Two- it's practice problem intensive, which if you haven't figured it out is kind of my thing.

Reddit, user: imitationcrabmeat, score: 760


Brent is a GMAT genius. His style is crisp and lessons are incisive.

GMAT Club, user: NoHalfMeasures, score: 750

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Brent Hanneson (BSc, BEd, MEd)

Brent Hanneson

Thanks for your interest in my GMAT preparation course! 

Over the past 26 years, I’ve identified the obstacles that impede students’ progress, and I’ve discovered the GMAT-specific skills and strategies required to beat this challenging test.

About Me:
  • 1992: became a high school math teacher
  • 2002: began teaching/tutoring the GMAT
  • 2007: created a GMAT courseware package that the University of British Columbia uses in its own GMAT preparation courses (and licenses to other schools) 
  • 2010: achieved an official GMAT score of 770 (99th percentile)
  • 2011: created the videos on this website
  • 2011 to present: updated videos to reflect changes to the GMAT, and responded to over 15,000 questions on two popular GMAT discussion forums ( and
  • Present: My YouTube channel has over 2.3 million views and more subscribers than any other GMAT prep company

I look forward to sharing with you everything I’ve learned, and supporting you every step of the way!


- Brent

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