The GMAT Enhanced Score Report

- by Katharine Rudzitis

Traditional GMAT score reports include scores from the Verbal, Quantitative, and Integrated Reasoning sections of the GMAT, as well as the total score for the entire exam. However, these reports don’t provide detailed information on a question-by-question basis. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) now offers the GMAT Enhanced Score Report, which gives test-takers significant feedback on their GMAT results.

What is the Enhanced Score Report?

The new GMAT Enhanced Score Report gives test-takers detailed information on overall GMAT performance, as well as breakdowns for each section and several subsections of the exam. These new features include information on time spent answering questions, comparisons with other test-takers, and suggestions for improving future scores.

How to Use the Enhanced Score Report

These reports help test-takers understand their strengths and weaknesses across the various GMAT sections. Instead of only seeing total score by section, the enhanced score report provides results for each specific question. Test-takers can analyze these results to see which questions took the most time, how well they managed their time, and what concepts they should learn if they plan to retake the exam.

How to Get the Enhanced Score Report

After test-takers finish the GMAT, they will have the option to purchase an enhanced score report through the online store for $24.95

For more information about the enhanced score report, read the official GMAC press release.

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