What’s the deal with the Reinforcement Activities?

Beneath most video lessons, you’ll find a Reinforcement Activities box featuring linked practice questions of various degrees of difficulty.


These practice questions test only those concepts and techniques covered in that particular lesson. So, answering them will:

  • Reinforce what you just learned
  • Acquaint you with the many different ways the GMAT can test a single concept
  • Help you master the tools related to that topic
  • Prepare you with the mental flexibility needed to solve nonstandard questions


Maximizing your practice sessions

Your practice sessions should go beyond simply answering questions and checking whether you answered them correctly. Here are some suggestions to maximize learning: 

  • If you get a question wrong, locate an expert’s solution in the discussion thread and make sure you thoroughly understand the solution. 
  • If you get a question wrong, bookmark the question. After a few days, try solving the question. If you get it wrong, bookmark it again.   
  • If you get a question right, review solutions in the thread to see if there’s a more efficient approach. 
  • Take notes!


If possible, answer ALL of the practice questions

In a perfect world, you’ll answer all 4000+ practice questions in this course. Doing so will practically guarantee success on test day. Of course, students don’t always have the luxury of time, in which case you should answer as many questions as your time permits


If time doesn’t permit answering all of the practice questions, try the “3 (or 5 or 7) Correct Responses in a Row” strategy

If you’re aiming for an upper-level score in either section (quant or verbal), then answer practice questions in the 350-500 range until you correctly answer 3 (or 5 or 7) in a row. Then repeat the procedure for questions in the 500-650 range, and then questions in the 650-800 range. 

If you’re aiming for a mid-level score, then repeat the above procedure up to (and including) questions in the 500-650 range. 

Note:  Keep in mind that the number of practice questions under a certain topic is proportional to how frequently that topic is tested. So, if a topic (e.g., Standard Deviation) has a lot of practice questions, then you should make sure you’re comfortable with that topic.

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