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Answer choice C is eliminated according to the fact that it does not explicitly mentions "snow crabs". The perceived to be the most correct answer choice B also does NOT explicitly talks about "snow crabs". So why is answer choice C eliminated?
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I think I could have explained things better when it comes to answer choice C. The point is that, in C, we learn that sea lice almost wiped out "many crab species." This is quite vague. Did the lice almost wipe out the snow crab species? We don't know. Since we don't know, the answer choice is basically telling us that seal lice may or may not have driven the snow crab to near extinction.

Hi Brent,

In B, the time period mentioned is '8 yrs ago'. The conclusion compares now with '10years ago'. Doesn't the gap of 2yrs(10-8) in the past put any impact on not selecting the ans choice.
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Not really. In fact, the 2-year gap is important/needed.

The passage compares data 10 years ago (BEFORE the sonar technology was used) and today's days (when sonar technology is used).

Hi Brent,

In B, we also don't have anything about snow-crabs. Why then it is still a correct choice?

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Answer choice B provides information about crab-fishing boats and crabs in general.
Since snow crabs are still crabs, this information still applies to snow crabs.

Ok, I understand thank you

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