Lesson: Common Argument Types

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Do these videos contain all the critical reason areas? or have you guys left out something?
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Our Critical Reasoning videos cover everything you need to know to answer CR questions on the GMAT.

These videos are absolutely amazing! Better than reading any book. Videos are made so simple, clear and better approach is followed. hats OFF for you Bren:). worth watching this
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Thanks suma!

Hi Brent,

Can you please give us more information on the correlation vs causality. Kindly make such a video.

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Hi Sandeep,
Here's a webpage that does a great job explaining correlation vs causality:

I just wanna say thank u so much for creating such an useful online course that is affordable, practical for anybody who wants to continue their dream. l am really appreciated.
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Thanks for those kind words, Daisy!

It was a great lesson! Brent is there any downloadable flashcards for this Critical Reasoning section?
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Sorry, but we don't have such flashcards.


lessons are so amazing! clear strikes and better approaches are designed. so kind of you sir of helping us!

Hi, could you explain more how causation does not mean correlation? How are the two different from each other?
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If two events are correlated, it means that they typically occur at the same time.

However, just because two events may be correlated, it is often difficult to tell whether one event CAUSES the other event.

For example, there is a strong correlation between smoking and alcoholism. That is, it is often the case that people who are alcoholics are also smokers.

Does this mean that smoking CAUSES alcoholism? Or does it mean that alcoholism CAUSES people to smoke? It's hard to say.

The point is that, if two events are correlated, we necessarily conclude that one event CAUSES the other event.

More here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correlation_does_not_imply_causation


Thank you for this video. Very useful information. Better than any CR book I've read.
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Thanks Bille!

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This is brilliant. No other study book breaks it down in such simple categories. This will save us a lot of time with the tough questions where you are stuck between two choices.
Thanks Bret!

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