Lesson: Mean, Median & Mode

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Hi Brent,

One of my friends had his GMAT today and we were discussing some of the questions he remembered and Interestingly, I found one of the PS Question he told me about in GMATCLUB forum.
Is there a limit to the number of questions? or Is there any source we can refer to?
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That would be a problem if there were live GMAT questions floating around the GMAT Club forum. Several years ago, a test prep company called ScoreTop was selling live GMAT questions. They were promptly shut down AND their students had their test scores revoked.

More here: http://www.scoretop.com/

That is so unfair then. The person who posted that question would have unknown it to be a GMAT question.I just checked, the posted date is of 2011.

can you please explain the solution of the below? Good answer explanations not given by users of GMAT Club

What is the average of x, y, and z?
(1) 2x + y + 4z = 23
(2) 3x + 4y + z = 22

Sir, is there any easy way to solve the problem

For the first 3 months of last year, the average daily rainfall in Lancaster was 6cm. For last year as a whole, the average daily rainfall was 12cm. What was the average daily rainfall for the last 9 months of last year?
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