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Great Video
Very resourceful!

Is there an app to download I'd like to watch them on my phone.
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I don't have an app, but the mobile site is awesome. That said, there's no option to download our videos to watch when you're offline (I don't think any test prep company has the option option of downloading its videos).

Really Nice explanation.
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#Question: User can send GMAT score to 5 B Schools, selected on test day. Does this mean that user does not have to pay the application fee (which is usually 100$-250$/B-school) for those 5 schools while applying (SOP,LOR etc) to them?
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No, the application fee is separate from sending your score report. So, you'll still have to pay application fees.

Are the CATs from GMAT CLUB good to practice from or are they just too hard as people say? Is it worth it?
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I haven't reviewed those tests, but people on the forum have suggested that they're quite difficult.
If you're trying to get a top score, then those tests will be nice and challenging, but don't place too much emphasis on the scores you receive, since they'll probably be lower than your real score.

If you need an average score (500-600), those tests might not be right for you.

I hope that helps.


I need lots of practice for the quant. I am considering buying the 2018, 2017, and 2016 official guides. I already have 2019. Are the questions different each year? Do you think this is a good idea? The average score for my top school is 640 and I am nervous because I haven't done this type of math in over 15 years.
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From year to year, about 15% of the questions in the Official Guide are changed. So, you will see A LOT of duplication within two Official Guides.
Also, GMAT Club has conveniently collected every question from pretty much every Official Guide ever published - https://gmatclub.com/forum/gmac-official-guides-the-master-directory-lin...


I consistently score lower on Math/Quant than on Verbal. With the 2 free GMAT practice tests (from Mba.Com) I have taken, I started with Verbal followed by Math. However, after finishing Verbal, I found my brain to be quite exhausted already. So, I think on test day, I should start with Math, then Verbal.

Is this a good strategy? Thanks!
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Great question.

In the past, I always advised students to start with their strongest section. My rationale was that, by starting with your strongest section, you will be confident at the end of the first section, and this confidence will hopefully continue into the next session.

I have since heard great rationale for all 3 different arrangements.

Some students have told me that they start with their weakest section so they can tackle that section while they have the most energy. That makes sense to me.

Other students have told me that they start with AWA/IR, because it takes them a while to settle down (e.g., control their nerves/anxiety). This also makes sense.

I suggest that you try two (or more) of the arrangement options and see whether one is better than the others.


I see that we will have 31 and 36 questions in Quant and Verbal. I have heard that Gmat tests for experimental questions as well. Are the experimental questions added to these 31 and 36 Q's or are they extra to it? If added how many extra Q's do we have?
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The experimental questions are "hiding" within the 31 quantitative questions and the 36 verbal questions.

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Scoring Algorithm

The GMAT scoring algorithm penalizes you much more for getting easy questions wrong than it rewards you for getting difficult questions right. So, it’s better to guess on hard questions so you’ll have enough time to answer easier questions.

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