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Choosing answer choice C also relies on the assumption that if the price of bread increases than the price of other foods also increases or at least remains the same and that these foods are still more expensive than the bread. Also, wouldn't the quantity remain constant? Why would they purchase even more bread? I don't see how this answer choice is a given, as oppose to answer choice E, where for example, on a religious holiday one would be required to eat a certain type of bread regardless of the price. (increasing quantity consumed, inelastic to the price increase).
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I understand your point, but answer choice E doesn't do anything to resolve the apparent paradox.

The paradox involves the relationship between bread prices and bread consumption. Answer choice E does not mention anything about prices.

Keep in mind that Paradox questions do not require us to find an answer choice that is 100% absolute/perfect. The requirement is to determine the BEST answer.

Dear Brent, I stuck with two options : B and C. Could you please elaborate more on option B, why this is wrong?

Thank you for this wonderful lesson.
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Good question.

The paradox here is that, in poorer communities, people respond to higher bread prices by buying MORE bread.

Answer choice B says that there are very few alternatives to bread. This doesn't resolve the paradox.

Let's say that a community has ZERO alternatives to bread. So, if the price of bread increases, why would those people then buy more bread?

With Paradox questions, we're looking for an "AHA!!" moment, where everything becomes clear. Answer choice B doesn't accomplish this.

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