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Brent, I don't understand what you mean by "outcome" when analyzing whether or not to use the combination formula. Grateful for your assistance on this.
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That's a common/tricky question. If it's okay, I'd like to refer you to this video:

Also, I wrote an article about this as well:

After reviewing these resources, please let me know if you need additional help.

Dear Brent, I used different approach and surprisingly the outcome is same.

1. I break down into 4 stages of committee
2. Use FCP : 4 X 3 (for women) X 6 X 5 (for men) and then divided by 2 X 2 (because order of each woman-woman and man-man combination are not matter).
3. The result is 90.

Is it okay to use this approach?
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That's a perfectly valid approach - nice work!

Hi Brent- In last problem "Bicycle with Optional Features ", we added result of combination but in this problem we used counting principle, so how to decide when to add combination result and when to multiply it?
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We solved the "Bicycle with Optional Features" ( in two different ways. The first (and best) way used the Fundamental Counting Principle and multiplied the stages. In the second solution, we basically just proved a general principle.

How did you get the answers so quickly at the end ? 6C2 and 4C2? Was there a shortcut that i missed in an earlier video?
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Here's the video on calculating combinations (like 6C2 and 4C2) in your head:


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