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Why Should Your Business School Advertise With Us?

We have tens of thousands of users, all of whom intend to pursue an MBA . . . somewhere. 

It doesn't matter if your school doesn't have a GMAT requirement; what matters is that our users are MBA aspirants. If anything, not having a GMAT requirement will be a welcome message for many studnets. For more, see this

Individual Marketing Options

We offer a variety of ways to get your marketing message to our students:

  • Banner ads: Unlike many websites, our site isn’t filled with numerous links, images, and advertisements. In the absence of such distractions, our students are more likely to notice and appreciate your unique value proposition. Please note that this service includes a geo-targeting option if you want to maximize your exposure to users within a certain geographical area.
  • Embedded videos: We can embed your promotional video into the beginning or end of our video lessons.  For an example, see the message that begins at 2:55 in this video lesson
  • Newsletters: We can send newsletters on your behalf to our subscribers. Our email list is current and contains thousands of MBA aspirants.
  • Dedicated webpage: Have your own webpage on our website. You’ll have complete editorial access to your webpage to market your products/services/programs as you see fit. For an example, see this webpage

Complete Sponsorship Package

Our sponsorship package includes all of the above services, as well as frequent promotions via our Facebook and Twitter pages. In addition, business schools can have their promotional videos featured in the MBA Programs video module. 


If you’re interested in advertising on our site, please contact for more information. 

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