Which package is best for you?

Not sure whether you need a 1-month package or a 6-month package?

The time required to reach your target GMAT score will depend on the distance between your target score (the score you need for your desired MBA program) and your current GMAT skills. There are two ways to assess your current GMAT skills:

  1. Take a full-length official practice test
  2. Take a short quiz consisting of official pratice questions within your target score range

Taking a full-length practice test

The test-makers (GMAC) have two free official practice tests you can take to detemine your present GMAT skill levels. These official practice tests are, by far, the most accurate way to measure your current GMAT skills.

If you take an official practice test, and your score is within 100 points of your target score, then it’s possible that 1 month will be enough time to reach your target score (provided you can study 15 to 25 hours each week). If your score is more than 100 points from your target score, then you’ll likely need more than 1 month to prepare.

Don’t want to take a full-length test until you’ve had sufficent time to prepare? Read the article, Take a Practice Test Already!

Take a short quiz

Another (albeit less accurate) way to assess your current GMAT skills is to take a 30-minute quiz featuring official practice questions within the difficulty range of your target score. To this end, I have created two quizzes, depending on your target score:    

  • If you need a mid-range GMAT score between 500-650, then try this quiz
  • If want a top-tier GMAT score of 650-800, then try this quiz


Study Guide

The step-by-step Study Guide will help direct your studies and ensure that you cover everything that the GMAT tests.

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