Admissions Consulting

Getting into an MBA program can be difficult, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed during the often long and often confusing process. Admissions consultants can help with that. They can: 

  • Help determine the school/program that’s right for YOU
  • Help develop the best application strategy
  • Assist with essay brainstorming, edits and reviews
  • Assist with resume brainstorming, edits and reviews
  • Help identify and prepare suitable recommenders
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • And more

Our sponsors below have provided some videos to help get you started with the application process. 



  • 1. Get Accepted While Saving Thousands of $$$s (1:35)
  • 2. How the ApplicantLab Gets You Accepted (5:25)
  • 3. How to Deal with Profile Weaknesses? (19:16)
  • 4. HBS "Introduce Yourself" Essay Tip #1 (7:23)
  • 5. MBA Admissions Committees HAVE NEEDS! (10:52)



  • 1. About Admissionado (1:34)
  • 2. 5 Things to Do Before You Apply (56:17)
  • 3. 3 Real Applicants; 3 Strategies that Worked (58:05)



  • 1. Admissions Consulting with Veritas Prep (1:26)
  • 2. Why Do You Need an Admissions Consultant? (4:07)
  • 3. When to Take the GMAT & Other Questions (9:59)
Total viewing time for the Admissions Consulting module: 176 minutes.

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