Getting into an MBA program can be difficult, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed during the often long and often confusing process. Admissions consultants can help with that. They can: 

  • Help determine the school/program that’s right for YOU
  • Help develop the best application strategy
  • Assist with essay brainstorming, edits and reviews
  • Assist with resume brainstorming, edits and reviews
  • Help identify and prepare suitable recommenders
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • And more

Our sponsors below have provided some videos to help get you started with the application process. 



  • 1. Get Accepted While Saving Thousands of $$$s (1:35)
  • 2. How the ApplicantLab Gets You Accepted (5:25)
  • 3. How to Deal with Profile Weaknesses? (19:16)
  • 4. HBS "Introduce Yourself" Essay Tip #1 (7:23)
  • 5. MBA Admissions Committees HAVE NEEDS! (10:52)



  • 1. About Admissionado (1:34)
  • 2. 5 Things to Do Before You Apply (56:17)
  • 3. 3 Real Applicants; 3 Strategies that Worked (58:05)



  • 1. Admissions Consulting with Veritas Prep (1:26)
  • 2. Why Do You Need an Admissions Consultant? (4:07)
  • 3. When to Take the GMAT & Other Questions (9:59)
Total viewing time for the Admissions Consulting module: 176 minutes.

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