Lesson: Graphs of Quadratics

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Could you explain me the exercise 316 (OG 2017) in a different way from the OG solution?

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Exercise 335 from OG 2017. I didn't understand why statement 1 is sufficient. If the y-coordinate of point R is -3, ok, they are equidistant, but if the y-coordinate of point R is -1, so (-1,-1) is not equidistant from (-3,-3), right?

Could you explain me where I'm wronging?

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Hi Pedro,

As long as x = -1, point R will ALWAYS be equidistant from (-3, -3) and (1, -3)

For example, (-1, 0) is equidistant from (-3, -3) and (1, -3)
And (-1, 22) is equidistant from (-3, -3) and (1, -3)
And (-1, -1) is equidistant from (-3, -3) and (1, -3)
And (-1, -7) is equidistant from (-3, -3) and (1, -3)

I explain why this is the case in my solution here: https://gmatclub.com/forum/in-the-xy-coordinate-plane-is-point-r-equidis...

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