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Do you guys sell any books that follow along with your video lessons?
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No, we don't sell any books to accompany our lesson. However, we recommend that all test-takers get a recent copy of the Official Guide to GMAT Review (aka the OG).

Does it hurt my chances in any way if if follow OG15 and not the latest one ?
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The OG2015 is perfectly fine to use.

Hi Brent,
If believe you made a small mistake in the last step of your answer here:
x = -1, then (x⁴ - x³ + x²)/(x - 1) = [(-1)⁴ - (-1)³ + (-1)²]/[(-1) - 1]
= [1 - (-1) + 1]/(-2)
= 1/(-2)
= -1/2

The addition [1 - (-1) + 1]/(-2) suppose to equal 3/(-2)--> -3/2
Sorry to mention that, but it could misslead or confuse some people.
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Question link: http://www.beatthegmat.com/og2016-ps-if-x-1-t296240.html

Thanks Aladdin! I have edited my solution accordingly.


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