Lesson: Working with Percent

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Should we learn both ways or the first method is sufficient for gmat
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Make sure you are familiar with all of the ways to express percents.

I am having a lot of trouble recognizing the percent - part - and whole. I continuously put the values in the wrong spots.
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For the Townville question. I wrote 120/800 = x/100, then divided 800 by 8 to get the denom of 100, and 120 by the same 8 to get the numerator of 15, getting 15/100, yielding the same answer. Would you say this is a valid, timely way to solving similar problems using this method?
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Your approach is perfect! In fact, later in the module, we discuss this exact same approach.

For others reading this, here's what kingerikclusters did:

Take: 120/800
Divide top and bottom by 8 to get the EQUIVALENT fraction 15/100, which equals 15% (done!)

This is the fastest/easiest approach, whereas some (many) students will resort to long division to calculate 120 ÷ 800 = 0.15, which equals 15%

Nice work!


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