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I divided 84/35 so I got 2.4 seconds for one autograph . So 2.4 x 200 = 480 seconds and then 480/60 gives 8 minutes
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That works too - nice work!

Any tips on how to keep one's scratch papers organized when solving problems so that he doesn't use up too much paper and be disorganized? I seem to use up too much space and paper when solving these, particularly when I find that one approach doesn't work and I need to make use of a different way of solving which ultimately helps me get the answer
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At most test centers, you should receive a 7-page noteboard with double-sided pages. So, that's a total of 14 pages, which means you can devote about 3 questions per page. So, when you start performing calculations, just keep in mind that you can use about 1/3 of each page for each question.

A few extra things to keep in mind:

- For some questions, you won't need to use the noteboard, which means even more room.

- If you do run out of space on test day, just raise your hand and the test-center worker will give you another noteboard (although you will have to trade your used noteboard for the new one).

- During the break between the Quant section and the Verbal section, you might want to get a new noteboard, so you can start fresh on the Verbal section.

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