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Thanks for these videos

to be honest, sometimes I just use the fact that gmat provides true information. In other words, from statement one I already know that the answer must be two --> so (6*5)/(2*1)= 15 so it seems right. Now if I have enough time I can think about it or just move on :)

This might be a risky and not valid approach but it often works. In general the information from one of the other statements often help to determine and/or verify the solution.
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You're right in that, since the statements will never contradict each other (more on that here:, the conclusion we reach after one statement can help with the other statement. However, we need to be absolutely certain that we determine the sufficiency of the second statement SOLELY ON ITS OWN.

A certain square is to be drawn on a coordinate plane. One of the vertices must be on the origin, and the square is to have an area of 100. If all coordinates of the vertices must be integers, how many different ways can this square be drawn?

A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 10
E. 12

Please help in solving this ques.
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Hi Prakap,

Here's my step-by-step solution:


This video just says doesnt show the steps.. :(
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Sorry, but I'm not sure what you're referring to. Can you please elaborate?

found the videos good and informative
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Thanks for that!

During the 31-day month of May, a tuxedo shop rents a different number of tuxedos each day, including a store-record 55 tuxedos on May 23rd. Assuming that the shop had an unlimited inventory of tuxedos to rent, what is the maximum number of tuxedos the shop could have rented during May?


Please help me in solving this.
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