Lesson: Dissecting an Argument

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Thanks for the tip on Premise-Therefore-Conclusion. This is definitely the best way to identify the conclusion if stuck between two options.

If you need practice with generating assumptions, what can I do?
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Start studying Assumption questions and pay close attention to the nature of the correct answers.

Hello Brent, Thanks a lot for all of your CR videos. These are so helpful. I do have a question. Is there an alternate strategy to taking notes while I read? I am finding it so difficult to take notes as you've explained. It is going beyond 2 -3 mins for each question and sad part, I am not getting the answer right. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks !
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You may just need to keep practicing.

That said, some people just don't read as fast as others, and for them, the proposed timing may be unrealistic. So, rather than read faster (and drastically reduce your comprehension), you may need to spend some time experimenting with different strategies to see which one best suits your memory and reading speed.

For example, you may need to look for questions in the Verbal section where you immediately guess and then use that extra time to ensure better RC accuracy. For example, some CR questions have incredibly long passages and very long answer choices. This might be an excellent candidate for guessing.
Keep in mind that this is a Plan B strategy.

Of course, it's best to answer every question. I'm just talking about situations in which it's really hard for students to complete the Verbal section in 75 minutes.

Hey Brent, I find it really hard to make assumptions and my GMAT is scheduled in next 12 days.
Can you advise something on how should I go about CR questions now?
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Keep practicing - you'll get better.

That said, it's not 100% crucial that you identify assumptions when analyzing arguments (although it can help). You can often answer the question without identifying any assumptions. So, don't spend a ton of time looking for assumptions.

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