Lesson: Conclusion/Inference Questions

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Can you please provide your approach to this question?


Hi Brent. I got a little confused about this question:

Is it an assumption or a conclusion question?
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Question link: https://gmatclub.com/forum/g-the-group-of-works-exhibited-in-this-year-s...

I'd say that it's more of a conclusion question.


Hi Brent. Sometimes I face this kind of argument: https: //gmatclub.com/forum/when-an-ordinary-piece-of-steel-is-put-under-pressure-the-steel-255377.html

It's an argument with an underline part at the end. It asks us to complete the argument. Is it a conslusion question? Everytime I come across such a question can I assume it is a conclusion question or it may be other question type?
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Question link: https://gmatclub.com/forum/when-an-ordinary-piece-of-steel-is-put-under-...

This is a Conclusion question.

The last sentence starts with "Therefore, if a ....", so this is going to be the conclusion, but this sentence is abruptly stopped, and we're asked to complete the conclusion.

CR questions that end with "________" can be any question type.

For example, if the last sentence starts with "The lawyer's argument is flawed because _______", then we can see that this is a Flawed Argument question.

Likewise, if the last sentence starts with "The lawyer's argument is further supported on the grounds that _______", then we can see that this is a Strengthen The Argument question.

And so on.

So, it's up to the test-taker to determine (by context) what type of question it is.

Does that help?


Absolutely. Perfect. Thanks a lot!


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