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Hey, how come the salinity of the stretch of downstream river from a "desalinisation" plants increases? Isn't' a dealinatisation kind of plant used to decrease the salinity of a stretch of water?!I don't have any problem in identifying the one statement that strengthens the argument the most, but I do have this minor problem with how the two premises are connected in the first place.
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The desalinization plant isn't there to remove salt from the river, It's there to remove salt from pretzels ("pretzel desalinization plant"). I know there's no such thing as a pretzel desalinization plant (yet!). The term is somewhat tongue-in-cheek. So, once the plant removes the salt from pretzels, it appears that some of the salt is making its way into the river.

Haha, this is a funny one. The silicon valley yuppies are surely working on such an idea and will receive much needed seed funding.

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