Question: Smoking Tennis Players

Comment on Smoking Tennis Players

great example :)!
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Glad you like it!

Is this a 600 level or a 700 level question?
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I'd say this is a 700-level question.

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I answered this question in 1.5 mins and was able to read all the choices.

I suffer from the FOMO so even though I was confident that A was the right answer I wanted to make sure that others were not.

My question is that in parallel questions (as you have mentioned them being extremely rare), is there a possibility that there maybe more than 1 choices with similar structure but subtle variations?

Can I just select the answer as soon as I spot it and move on to save time as you have mentioned in this video?

Whats the confidence level in doing so?

Thank you!
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If you find an answer choice that is truly parallel, then that should be the correct answer.


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