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Hi Brent,

Thanks for the explanation!
My reason for choosing D was that D compared kevin's farm with similar Baker County while A compared Kevin;s farm with 'farms' (not specified as similar farms). Wasn't that a critical mistake?


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That doesn't sound like a critical mistake to me :-)


Hi Brent,

Is the approach of writing down premises, a conclusion, and unstated assumptions just an exercise that allows preparing for the actual test, or is it the strategy that you also recommend to use during the exam?

I am worried about time management.
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I leave that choice to the individual.

For students who struggle to complete the Verbal section on time, writing the premises and conclusion could make it even harder to complete the section on time.

For students who have no problem completing the Verbal section on time, the act of summarizing and writing the premises and conclusion could help answer questions.

Hi Brent,

I understand that if instead of there was no D among answer choices we would then chose A, because it is the second best answer.

Or the question would be too confusing and ambiguous then?

What do you think?
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If answer choice D weren't there, then A would be the best choice. It might not be a great choice, but it would be the best of the four remaining options.

Thank you Brent,

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