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Hi Brent,

If the question was: Which of the following, when added to the argument as an additional premise, makes the argument logically correct.

What question type then it would be:

1. Weaken the Argument
2. Strengthen the Argument
3. Assumption
4. Conclusion/inference
5. Method of Reasoning
6. Flawed Argument
7. Evaluation
8. Paradox
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This is a bit of a hybrid question.

One could argue that it's an ASSUMPTION question, since we need a certain piece of information to make the conclusion follow.

One could also argue that it's a FLAWED ARGUMENT question.

I'd say it's more of an ASSUMPTION question than anything.

It's important to note that this is a deductive argument (rather than the typical inductive argument we find on the GMAT). So, that already makes it a bit of an outlier question.


Thank you Brent

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