Lesson: GMAT Data Sufficiency Strategies - Part II

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Very Useful Tips!! Thanks for sharing.

Hey Brent... Please Help me out.

Is it better to first solve the PS questions and then move on to DS or the other way round?
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Because Data Sufficiency questions are unique to the GMAT, many students struggle with them. So, IF you wish to focus on one type first, I suggest DS questions.

That said, I think the best way to prepare is to answer PS questions and DS questions at the same time.

Hi Brent - Please help me with this question

At the beginning of last month, a stationery store had in stock 250 writing pads, which had cost the store $0.75 each. During the same month, the store made only one purchase of writing pads. What was the total amount spent by the store on the writing pads it had in stock at the end of the month?

(1)Last month the store purchased 150 writing pads for $0.80 each.

(2)Last month the total revenue from the sale of writing pads was $180

I first thought the answer was A, because Statement-1 gave the details of the purchases made by the Store in the month, while Statement-2 did not give enough details about the purchase of additional pads during the month.

Will, then, the answer be E?
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The target question asks about the writing pads that were IN STOCK at the end of the month?

At the beginning of the month there were 250 writing pads, and statement 1 tells us that the store purchased an ADDITIONAL 150 writing pads. So, there are 400 pads in total. HOWEVER, we know nothing about the number of writing pads that the store SOLD to customers during the month.

So, there's no way to answer the question about the writing pads that were IN STOCK at the end of the month.

More on this question here: https://gmatclub.com/forum/at-the-beginning-of-last-month-a-stationery-s...

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