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Dear Brent, this question negate the properties of a quadrilateral, ABDE appear to be a quadrilateral, then the sum should be equal 180.
I understand the quadrilateral was not focused but other questions provide several approach to solve same question. An attempt to look at it as a quadrilateral is impossible

Please comment
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Hi Ademini,

You are correct to say that ABDE is a quadrilateral. However, the sum of the angles in a quadrilateral is 360 degrees (not 180).


As we know that this is a quadrilateral than as we know that in quadrilateral opposite angles are equal then why doesn't W equal 50?

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That property you mentioned (opposite angles are equal) does not apply to all quadrilaterals.

It is true for squares, rectangles, rhombuses and parallelograms, but it is not true for other quadrilaterals.


Dear sir,

Can we solve it by adding all the angel of polygon and equating it by 360° please let me know if I can do so.
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If quadrilateral ABDE is the polygon you're referring to, that approach just might work.

Try it, and see how you do.


what level would this question be? I feel like it would be 500-650
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I place it in the 650-800 range.

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