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Hi Brent, If we decipher the Perceived Air Temperature(PAT)for City A and City C, from the table,then City A will have a PAT approx. between -41 and -48. City C will have a PAT of approx. -34. Even if we increase the value of wind speed by 10 MPH the PAT would be around -41 only which is less than PAT of City A. In this case, City A would have the least temperature? Is the question about the amount of decrease in temperature or the least temperature because of change in wind speed? Advance thanks for your help. Your videos are great.
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Great question coolvinoo!

This question is asking us to determine which city will experience the greatest CHANGE in PAT.

So, while you are correct to say that city A will have the coldest PAT, this is not what the question is asking us.

Does that help?


Yes,it did..! Thanks Brent.

Dear Brent,

I would like to ask your opinion concerning the best strategy to prepare for test day.

Last month, after having scored 710 and 700 in two mock tests, I scored a miserable 600 at the official test (completely screwed the quantitative, my lowest score ever).

The following weeks, I have completely revised the quantitative part and wrote two mock tests at home (730/680), is it time to book the official test?
Would like to "be sure" to score right this time (I need my score to hang around 700).

Thanks for the advice!
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It certainly seems like you're CLOSE to taking the test again.
If you feel that you've identified and overcome whatever it was that hurt your score last time, then you're likely ready for a retest.

Hi Brent, I have watched all your videos as well as completed all the OG questions. I have my exam scheduled on 31st august, what should be my best strategy to prep in remaining days. I have only 1 official GMAT exam left which I think I should take in last week. In between can you suggest any other test series that I should buy or should I buy more official GMAT practice tests. Please note I have also taken all sample free GMAT tests available on various sites, it will be great if you have any referral code for free tests on any of the other websites.
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When you say you have only 1 official GMAT exam left, does that mean you've taken 5 of the 6 official tests (both free and paid), or have you taken 1 of the 2 free practice tests?
If you haven't purchased one of the for-pay test packages, you might want to do that.

I should also note that the test-makers sell batches of 3 OLD paper tests for $29.99 per 3-pack (more here: These tests don't have an IR section, but they're pretty reliable predictors of your score on test day.

I hope that helps.


Also If IR doesn't count in as far as my GMAT score is concerned, how can it impact my admission process ?
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It's my understanding that most schools don't give much weight to one's IR score. That said, you might want to ask the admissions personnel at your target schools about the level of importance they assign to IR scores.

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