Lesson: Operations with Roots

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Sir in the related resources in relation to this video, Do the Khan Academy has 700-800 level questions. I have Og 17, but i just want to practice more before looking at the official question. should i solve Khan Academy question (is it worth the time), or do i go to gmat club for practicing quant.
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The Khan Academy questions provided on the linked page are not 700+ questions. If 700+ level questions do exist on the GMAT, they are likely VERY RARE.

So, you might want to see what you can find on GMAT Club.

I need some help with this one: (root(9 + root(80)) + root(9 - root(80)))^2 =

Thank you. Didn't see that the whole thing was being squared. I thought just the last expression was, so I was really confused.

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