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What are the question should I try from official gmat 2016 book for probability . Thank you
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You'll find the answer to that question at the bottom of

Hey, thanks for the videos, you've been a great help.

For this question, considering statement 2, if we solve the equation for W, which is W^2 - W - 12 > 0, I get the following 2 results:

W > -3
W > 4

Now if we use W>4, we can arrive the answer that the statement is sufficient. My question is that can we disregard W > -3? By this equation, W can also be 1,2,3...and so on. Please explain
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Be careful.

When we solve the inequality W^2 - W - 12 > 0, we get first get (W - 4)(W + 3) > 0

When we solve, we get: W > 4 or W < -3 (less than -3, not greater than -3)
For more on solving quadratic inequalities, watch:

If W < -3, then some possible values of W are -4, -5, -6, -7, etc.
None of these values fit the requirement that W must be an integer that's greater than or equal to zero.

Poorly written question, because it doesn't say the socks are ONLY black and white.

Be careful.
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That's intentional. We don't need the proviso that the socks are black and white only. In fact, there's no reason why there can't be socks of other colors, but it doesn't change the answer.

Its a very good question. can you please scale how hard this question could be on GMAT?
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I'd say that it's a 700+ level question.

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Great trick. Remainder of why, if it seems so straightforward and easy at first sight, it gotta be a trick question.

I think that if there are more than 2 colors of socks, A should be the answer to this question, since B becomes insufficient. We don't know how many colors of socks there are.
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Hi ideree,

Many students have suggested this. However, it makes no difference whether there are socks a color different from white or black.

If you're not convinced, try to find a scenario in which a 3rd color makes statement 2 insufficient.


Wonderful Question :)

Does it help to know through statement 2 that the probability that the socks are not white is less than 0.4?
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Statement 2 helps us reduce the possible number of black socks. It indirectly tells us that there are either 0 or 1 black socks.

If there are 0 black socks, then it's impossible to select 2 black socks without replacement.
So, the answer to the target question is, "The probability is 0 that we select 2 black sock with replacement"

If there is 1 black sock, then it's impossible to select 2 black socks without replacement.
So, the answer to the target question is, "The probability is 0 that we select 2 black sock with replacement"

So, statement 2 is sufficient.

You mean Statement 2 is sufficient?

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Oops - good catch!!
I edited my response.


Hi Brent,

Could you please provide a solution to this question,

After reading a few comments I still don't understand it:

Thank you in advance,
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Hi Brent,

Thank you very much,

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