Lesson: Introduction to Reading Comprehension

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In complex sentences, does it a good idea to only focus in independent clauses?
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I'm not sure about that strategy. Can you elaborate? Most sentences, in of themselves, are independent clauses.

Hello- do you think reading any books or magazines helps for reading comprehension?

Is there a reading comprehension flashcards?
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Sorry, we don't have any RC flashcards.

Got it. Thanks

Hi Brent,


For passages like these , relating to social sciences and humanities , i am really struggling to comprehend them and answer them correctly . Any suggestions ? And if i look for vocab also , where should I refer to ? what should I refer to ?
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Question link: https://gmatclub.com/forum/in-public-greek-life-a-man-had-to-make-his-wa...

You're not alone; social sciences passages are my least favorite as well!

In your spare time, you might want to start reading GMAT-like humanities/social sciences passages such as those found in:
- Washington Post
- New York Times
- Guardian
- Atlantic Monthly
- The New Yorker

As for vocabulary, there aren't any GRE-style word lists for the GMAT. In most cases, the GMAT test-makers avoid using confusing/rare-used words in their passages. That said, the more articles you read (from the above resources), the better your RC skills will become.


Will do that ! Thank you Brent !

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