Lesson: Reading Comprehension General Strategy

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Hi Brent,

Currently I need 4 to 5 min to read a passage, please suggest way to improve reading speed. Also I tend to write big summary
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Increasing one's reading speed is not easy. So, rather than read faster (and drastically reduce your comprehension), you may need to spend some time experimenting with different strategies to see which one best suits your memory, reading speed and English proficiency.

For example, you may need to look for questions in the Verbal section where you immediately guess and then use that extra time to ensure better RC accuracy. For example, some CR questions have incredibly long passages and very long answer choices. This might be an excellent candidate for guessing.

Keep in mind that this is a Plan B strategy. Of course, it's best to answer every question. I'm just talking about situations in which it's really hard for students to complete the Verbal section in 75 minutes.

Hi Brent,

I read really slow (have Dyslexia). So, I really need to find the best strategy. Have you ever saw tips for cases like this? Can you send some links?

BTW congrats for making the narrative of the videos so good for controlling the playback speed. e-gmat and optimus lost me there.

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That's a tough one.

All I can say is that it's super important to take good (yet concise) notes so that you can avoid having to re-read any part(s) of the passage.

That said, it's quite possible that you might qualify to get extra time to complete the test. More here: http://www.mba.com/global/frequently-asked-questions/about-gmat-test-tak...

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