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nice explanation

Hi Brent,


Could you please explain why Q: 429 the answer choice D is correct and the answer choice E is incorrect. I picked E, because both sides agreed to each other's benefits.

Thank you in advance,
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Link: https://gmatclub.com/forum/in-an-effort-to-explain-why-business-acquisit...

Bergh's feels that retaining executives with long tenure is key to successful acquisitions.
EUP proponents feel that retaining the highest-level executives is key.

(E) Whether retaining highest-level top executives of acquired companies is more important than retaining lower-ranked top executives
An EUP proponent would feel that retaining highest-level top executives of acquired companies is more important than retaining lower-ranked top executives.
Would Bergh agree as well?
It's hard to tell, since this answer choice mentions nothing about tenure.

(D) Whether retaining less-tenured top executives of an acquired company is an optimal strategy for achieving post acquisition success
An EUP proponent would agree that retaining less-tenured TOP EXECS is more important.
Bergh would disagree with this, because those execs are LESS TENURED

Does that help?


I understand that the tenure was important in this disagreement,

Thank you very much for helping,

Hi Brent
What is active reading ?
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Active reading is when you're looking for certain information while reading the passage. It also includes summarizing the information in the passage.

Which kind of information ? And how to get them ?
My overall accuracy in reading comprehension suffers . What shall I do
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While reading the passage, you should be actively summarizing each paragraph, and you should try to identify the main idea (the purpose of the passage).

This is covered in the following video: https://www.gmatprepnow.com/module/gmat-reading-comprehension/video/1122 (and in subsequent videos in the series)

Once you understand the strategies explained in the Reading Comprehension (RC) module, you should reinforce those strategies by answering tons of RC questions.

Which all sources will be best for practicing RC on gmat club? Kaplan ? Manhattan ? Economist ?
And will it improve my accuracy in RC ?
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None of the above :-)

I'm practicing GMAT Verbal, always try to stick with official questions.
GMAT Club has pretty much every official RC question ever asked.
You can use their question filter (https://gmatclub.com/forum/search.php?view=search_tags) to isolate various question types.

As with any skill (playing the piano, skating, speaking a foreign language, etc), your skills will improve with practice.


Do I have to work on building vocabulary ?
What all materials will improve my score to the top ?
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There are no specific vocabulary lists for the GMAT (unlike for the GRE).
However, if your vocabulary is preventing you from answering GMAT Verbal questions, then you might want to add some daily reading to your prep.
To that end, here are some sources of GMAT-like content:

Science passages:
- New Scientist
- Nature
- National Geographic
- Popular Mechanics
- Scientific American

Humanities/Social Sciences:
- Washington Post
- New York Times
- Guardian
- Atlantic Monthly
- The New Yorker

- Fast Company
- Newsweek Business
- The Harvard Business Review
- BusinessWeek
- Economist
- Financial Times


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