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It will be very helpful to summarize strategies, tip on a flash card for review.
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I think students benefit a lot from taking their own notes. Otherwise, students are unlikely to synthesize the information.

Hi Brent,

I am still struggling with RC passage such as in below link. I agree its tough one but I could only get 4 questions correct, though spent lot of time. In between I was not understanding what I am reading and can't keep reading same sentence again and again...please help, how can I improve.


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It can take a while to see significant improvement on Reading Comprehension (RC) questions. Keep working at it.

Also, as I mention in one of the videos, I don’t believe there’s one specific approach to RC questions that works best for everyone. I always recommend that students spend some time experimenting with different strategies to see which one best suits their memory, reading speed and English proficiency.


This was a very helpful video. I've always taken long notes, but selective keywords like this will be much more beneficial on the GMAT. Thank you!

Hi Brent,

Please refer Q : https://gmatclub.com/forum/gmat-prep-rc-earth-s-surface-consists-of-rigid-plates-that-are-220752.html

This is the toughest passage from GMATPrep Collection that I have encountered yet. Could you please post a detailed passage analysis, Question-wise explanations and a suggestive strategy to tackle such passages on GMATClub?

I tried to focus on main idea and structure of the passage but found it really difficult to keep track owing to such detailed and technical language. The questions accompanying the passage were such that one needed to understand the technical details.

Thanks & Regards,
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Hi Brent,
I'd love to dive deeper into different techniques on properly summarizing each paragraph. I find that end up being really wordy and struggle finding the right balance on finding the proper time to devote to the summaries vs. spending the time to read comfortably. Having said that, the summaries that I've crafted have helped me in answering and helped me avoid re-reading the passage. Just hoping to find ways in which I can become more nimble and less wordy in the process. I would love some guidance...
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You're not alone can you buy! When I first have students summarize paragraphs in class, students often use 50 words to "summarize" a 60-word paragraph :-)

As you read each sentence in a paragraph, ask yourself "Does this play an integral role in the paragraph's main purpose?" If it's not integral, don't include it in your summary.

You may find it easier to take your time getting summaries down to 10 words or fewer. Start by giving yourself a 20-word limit and go from there.
With practice, you'll get better at identifying the key aspect of a paragraph.

I hope that helps.

Cheers, Brent

That's a good tactic. Mark Cuban often says that Shark Tank... Start small and slowly work your way to world domination. On this case word anemia haha... Thanks.
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Ha! "Word anemia" is a great term!

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