Lesson: Summarizing each Paragraph

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It will be very helpful to summarize strategies, tip on a flash card for review.
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I think students benefit a lot from taking their own notes. Otherwise, students are unlikely to synthesize the information.

Hi Brent,

I am still struggling with RC passage such as in below link. I agree its tough one but I could only get 4 questions correct, though spent lot of time. In between I was not understanding what I am reading and can't keep reading same sentence again and again...please help, how can I improve.


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It can take a while to see significant improvement on Reading Comprehension (RC) questions. Keep working at it.

Also, as I mention in one of the videos, I don’t believe there’s one specific approach to RC questions that works best for everyone. I always recommend that students spend some time experimenting with different strategies to see which one best suits their memory, reading speed and English proficiency.


This was a very helpful video. I've always taken long notes, but selective keywords like this will be much more beneficial on the GMAT. Thank you!

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