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You are a very good teacher! you are teaching professionally

any less common themes that sometimes come up? or should I stick to learning those common 4?
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Those are the 4 main themes to look for. If any other themes appear, you can handle them individually.

Hello admin :)

I have a question with the sentence structure inside the example.

[ Traditionally, the first firm to commercialize a new technology has benefited from the unique opportunity to shape product definitions, forcing followers to adapt to a standard or invest in an unproven alternative ] <- in this sentence i see a structure as [ A, B or C ] and thus believe that there should be a parallel structure. "to shape product definitions" this seems to be a infinitive phrase, "forcing followers to adapt to a standard" this seems to be a participial phrase and lastly 'invest in an unproven alternative' this.. i don't know what kind of phrase is this. To sum up, is this an error of parallel? what am i getting wrong with dissolving this sentence?
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You're referring to the passage that begins at 4:42 in the video. Before I address your question, I should mention that this is an official GMAT passage.

The sentence is not in the structure you suggest.

The part of the sentence beginning with "forcing followers to..." is a consequence of shaping product definition.

It tells us more about what it means to shape product definition.

Here's a similar sentence: While driving to work, Nina encountered a roadblock, forcing her to take a detour around Moose Lake.

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