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My answer for the first paragraph (meteor streams) was D. I thought this was correct because we are discussing two natural phenomena right? First, a meteor stream is described, then a meteor shower is explained, and t is also described how these two are related: that a meteor shower occurs when earth passes through a meteor stream. Where am I going wrong here? (thanks for your help)
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Aside: This is an official GMAT question.

In their solution, the test-makers state "only a single phenomenon is described in the passage," but I think you have raised a valid point. It seems that the passage describes both a meteor stream and meteor shower is explained.

However, I wouldn't say that the passage demonstrates a way to measure BOTH of them (as answer choice D states)

would you plz summarize the first passage (meteor stream)
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How about: Model confirms broadening theory but not dense center theory.

Or I might even write: Model confirms 1 theory but not other.

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