Lesson: Introduction to Sentence Correction

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Comment on Introduction to Sentence Correction

Hi Brent,

When I click on "All of our Sentence Correction lessons in one downloadable slideshow" I am taken to a page that says, "This uploaded file has been marked private by the author." Is this intentional?

Thanks for all your fantastic videos!

gmat-admin's picture

While replacing that file on SlideShare, I somehow deleted it. It's fixed now. See link above.

Thank you Brent! I was able to download the slideshow successfully.


Hi Brent,

I am facing the same problem.
Thanks a lot.

gmat-admin's picture

Sorry, but that document was removed. There's still that set of 49 snazzy flashcards for SC :-)

I am planning for MBA and I would like to prepare myself for Sep'18 session.
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Great. You've come to the right place :-)

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