Lesson: Parts of Speech - Clauses

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At 2:31
Can "My barber sued me because" and "I used the wrong conditioner" be the dependent and independent clauses, respectively?
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No. The word "because" must be attached to the clause that CAUSES some consequence (in fact, the word "cause" is part of the word "because").
In other words, event B occurs BECAUSE event A occurs.
In this case, the lawsuit (event B) was caused by the use of some conditioner (event A), so "because" is attached to the second clause.
Likewise, we might say, "Because I used the wrong conditioner, my barber sued me."
Does that help?


Will one ever have a GMAT question where there are two independent clauses and I have to pick the BEST answer - an ans choice that uses a semicolon vs. one separated with comma and a coordinating conjunction?

Will the latter always be the top choice?
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I've never seen an official GMAT question that makes you choose between those two options. I'm pretty sure they'd never do that.

Hello Brent , In the sentence my barber sued me because I used the wrong conditioner .... can " I used the wrong conditioner "not be considered as a independent clause and " My barber sued me because" be a dependent clause ??
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The word "because" is more appropriately associated with "I used the wrong conditioner"

To see what I mean, let's see what happens if we try to reverse the order of this sentence. We get: "Because I used the wrong conditioner, my barber sued me."

That said, I don't think this distinction (regarding which clause "because" belongs to) is ever tested on the GMAT.

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