Lesson: Pronouns - Part I

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"I have reserved the table for me and my father" is this sentence correct with respect to pronoun use or should it be " I and my father"?
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The correct pronoun is "me" as in "I have reserved the table for me and my father." The verb phrase here is "have reserved" and the person performing this action is "I," which makes "I" the subject of the sentence.

This also means that "me" and "my father" are objects in the sentence, in which case "me" is the appropriate pronoun.

American Pop culture has ruined my english,
Thank you Brent, for the videos !
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Ha! You're not alone :-)

At 10:05, would it be correct to write the sentence as "Nigel and two hundred other activists signed a petition to voice their anger." ?
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Yes, that would be correct.

Isnt the correct form "Zeke's snoring was so loud that it distracted everyone else in class"?
How can Zeke's snoring distrub Zeke too?
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The answer to that question depends on where Zeke is sleeping.

If Zeke is sleeping IN the class, then it should be "Zeke's snoring was so loud that it distracted everyone ELSE in class," so as not to include Zeke in the group of people who were distracted.

If Zeke is sleeping OUTSIDE the class (e.g., in the hall, in the next room, etc), then it should be "Zeke's snoring was so loud that it distracted everyone in class."

That said, my intent was that Zeke was, indeed, in the class. So, good catch!!

Hi Brent,

"Peter wanted to become a sculptor, but his sister argued that he wouldn`t make much money from it"

Couldn´t we say that "to become a sculptor" is a infinitive phrase working as a noun (object)? If this is correct, why is it incorrect to say that the pronoun "it" makes reference correctly to "to become a sculptor"?

Thanks :)
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You're referring to the example at 7:58 in the video.

Great idea! The only problem is that one doesn't make money from BECOMING a sculptor.

For example, let's say I go to school to learn sculpting. Let's also say that, on graduation day, I BECOME a sculptor. At that moment (of becoming an official sculptor), no one walks up to me and gives me money :-)

Does that make sense?


Yes, that makes sense!
Thank you!

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