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In One of the Video, You said to always eliminate the answer choice A for being always wrong. Now in this video the answer choice A is correct. I made a mistake going by that logic given by You. Please clarify. Thanks
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Hi Brijesh,

I'm pretty sure I never said that.
Can you tell me which video you're referring to?


Hey, he said to never read answer choice A since it's exactly the same as the original sentence. Also, if we think there is a problem w/ the original sentence we can eliminate answer choice A. I hope this helps.
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Thanks for helping to clear that up, CC!


He never said to remove it he said not to read it... As it's same thing what is underline portion in the main question.

Brent, would answer choice C be correct if not for the subject verb agreement issue? I'm wondering if the opening phrase correctly modifies "five".
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I think C would still be incorrect.
"Out of every six,..." is a confusing/vague way to start a sentence. Six of what?

i tried fluff,but i failed.should i use to in 2nd phase?1st phase is to eliminate other things
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The strategy of removing the fluff can be applied anytime.

Chose E and didn't pay attention to the place of Maltania in the sentence. Good reminder that the sentence could be correct initially! By trying to find something to correct I didn't pay attention to the change of meaning in answer E!
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Yes, once we get in the habit of constantly looking for errors, it's difficult to accept that the original sentence may be correct :-)

For this question, I didn't immediately realize that D is wrong, however, I think A is better, I wasn't sure if 5 is plural or not, I chose A finally and I think D is not good because the main idea is to talk about how many players but not where they are in.
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Give: Five out of every six hockey players in Maltania...
When we write FIVE, it's implied that this refers to FIVE HOCKEY PLAYERS, which is definitely plural.

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