Question: Maltania and Outsourcing

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I would like to know if option B did not contained "annual" term, then what would have been the right answer?
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If we were to remove "annual" from answer choice B, then A and B would both be suitable answers. That said, answer choice A would still be more succinct. Then again, I doubt that the GMAT would have two answers that were so equal.


I have a question: The word "costs" is not plural?
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Cost and costs are behaving as nouns and as verbs.

A) As a verb: . . . outsourcing costs Maltania... (subject - verb - noun/object)

B) As a noun: . . . annual cost to Maltania
Annua (adjective - noun - prepositional phrase/adjective

Hey. Could you please explain how you eliminated E?
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The problem with E is that the word "reduction" applies to BOTH output and taxes.

In other words, we could also write "...causes an output reduction and a tax reduction."

The term "tax reduction" is ambiguous. It could mean that the government collects fewer taxes, or it could mean that the citizens' tax rates are reduced.

Given this ambiguity, we can eliminate E.

Hi Brent
I was wondering if we eliminated either ANNUAL or A YEAR in the answer choice D, would it be a less awkward choice since it would focus more on the COST than MANTANIA?
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Good question, abnerawesome!

If we eliminate the redundancy from answer choice D (by deleting either ANNUAL or A YEAR), we're still left with the ambiguous nature of "outsourcing TO Maltania."


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