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Hi Brent,
Your videos are amazing and your explanations and strategies are excellent!!
Quick question, is there a way to determine when to test the answer choices instead of the algebraic method?
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Thanks for the kind words!

No, there's no easy way to determine when it's best to start testing the answer choices rather than use algebraic techniques. Given this, I think it's best to start with an algebraic approach, and if you get stuck, start testing answer choices.

That said, there are times when it's impossible to test the answer choices. For example, if the question asks us to find the SUM of two values (x and y), then you most likely won't be able to test the answer choices.

Thanks Brent.

Hi Brent,
When I click on the link under reinforcement for the problems in the OG to solve, i don't get a list of problem numbers. Instead it directs me to a blank page. How do i get problems specific to this topic explained in the video?
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I'm not sure what I mean. When I click each of those links, I'm taken to a webpage on GMAT Club that features a practice question from the Official Guide.

If you're getting a blank page, there might be an issue with your Web browser. If that's the case, try clearing your cache and restarting your computer.


Thought I will say this so you feel encouraged to continue to help ppl with your course material.
I struggle with so many factors to prep for my GMAT. Understanding the strategy is not one of them anymore. You courses are so easy to follow and the reinforcement problems are so well picked to build confidence. Even when I get them wrong I leave the page with good understanding of what to do. Your course materials are awesome.
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Thanks for taking the time to say such nice things! I'm delighted you're liking the course!

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