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Tricky I would have chosen 60 at first after reading female MBA manager . But reading question is quite essential with details
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Why dint we do 60/250 ?
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Great question!

If you feel the answer is 60/250, then you are answering a different question from the one that is asked.

Among the 250 managers at Gigacorp, 60 are females with MBAs.
so, IF the question were "What percent of ALL MANAGERS are females with MBAs?", then the correct answer would be 60/250

However, the question actually asks "What percent of the FEMALE MANAGERS have MBAs?"

Among those 150 FEMALE MANAGERS, 60 have MBAs
60/150 = 40%

Does that help?


When setting up the matrix, does it matter which sides (top vs side) you use for which items? I did my matrix the opposite that is shown in the video (m/f on top and mba/~mba on the side) and I came to the same conclusion as shown.
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Good question.
It makes no difference which sides you use.


Hi Brent, once you ascertain that the total of managers with an MBA is 90 and that 30 of them are male. Do you have to complete all of the matrix since you already know that there are 60 females with an MBA? Just thinking
from a saving time perspective.
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You're right. Once we have the information we need, there's no need to complete the rest of the Matrix.
Since this is the first practice question following the Double Matrix lesson, I completed the entire diagram to reinforce the technique.

Cheers, Brent

vow amazing we call it Double Josh in Army Lovely method

Hi Brent facing lot of difficulty with this sum...utterly confusing.
1. can we do it in double matrix
2 can all venn diagram problems be done by double matrix

If 75 percent of the guests at a certain banquet ordered dessert, what percent of the guests ordered coffee?
(1) 60 percent of the guests who ordered dessert also ordered coffee.
(2) 90 percent of the guests who ordered coffee also ordered dessert.
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The "Double Josh in Army Lovely method"? Why do you call it that?

To answer your questions...
1. Yes, you can use the Double Matrix Method to solve this question. Here's my full solution:
2. Any question with two overlapping sets can be solved via the Double Matrix method.

This question puzzled me a LOT, but I get it eventually
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Nice Work!

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