Starting in "early" 2024 (the GMAT test-makers still aren't sure when exactly) the current version of the GMAT will be replaced by a very similar test called GMAT Focus. The GMAT Focus edition tests the same content the current edition tests, EXCEPT for Sentence Correction, Geometry and Analytical Writing. The format of the GMAT Focus is also a little different, the details of which can be found here

The layout of the course, including the Study Guide, will not be updated to reflect the upcoming changes to the test as Brent, the founder of GMAT Prep Now, has recently joined the team at Target Test Prep.  

That said, since our video course covers all of the content that will be tested on the Focus edition, it can still be used to prepare. The onus, however, will be on you to to familiarize yourself with the changes to the test which can be found here.   

Designed for GMAT mastery

This course is uniquely designed to help you master a handful of concepts at a time. More importantly, you'll learn how to apply the flexible core tools the GMAT test-makers expect you to master. So, rather than memorize hundreds of bewildering non-core formulas, you'll learn how to apply a small set of tools in a wide variety of circumstances. To reinforce your learning, each lesson is accompanied by linked practiced questions (official and unofficial) that test only those concepts and strategies covered in the lesson. There's even a comment board beneath each lesson so you can ask questions related to that one particular topic. 

For more on the importance of a focused approach, read this article.

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The GMAT is a high stakes test, and finding the prep course that’s best for you can be daunting. That’s why we let this course speak for itself, rather than hide it behind a paywall. Look around and preview dozens of free videos, including all of the Data Sufficiency, Analytical Writing Assessment, and General Strategies lessons. 

What happens after I purchase an account?

During the purchase process, you’ll create a username and password. Upon completing the purchase, you’ll have access to all 500+ videos on the site. You can either follow the step-by-step Study Guide or create your own plan (Brent can help with that).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of payment do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. All payments are processed through PayPal, so your credit card information is safe. When on PayPal's payment page, you can pay with a PayPal account, or you can choose the option to pay by credit card.

What currency are the prices listed in?

All prices are in United States dollars (USD).

How many times will I be charged?

Just once for either plan. It's a one-time, upfront fee, and that's it.

How does the 7-day guarantee work?

If, for any reason, you're not 100% satisfied with the course, you can cancel your account within 7 days of the purchase date, and you'll receive a full refund. No questions asked. No cancellation fee or processing fee will be charged. For more information on the refund procedure, visit the Guarantees page.

How does the 70-point score increase guarantee work?

I guarantee that, after completing the course, your official score will be at least 70 points greater than any previous official scores. If not, I'll refund your purchase. For more information on the refund procedure, visit the Guarantees page.

How do I ask questions?

If you have a question about a video lesson or video practice question, just post it in the dedicated forum for that video (you’ll find a dedicated forum beneath every video), and I’ll answer it as soon as possible (always in less than 24 hours). Note: your identity remains anonymous.

Does my plan include practice tests?

No, but there are already several official practice tests available, and the official practice tests are, by far, the best way to evaluate your GMAT skills.

How does the course work?

The course is 100% online. It works on any device with an internet connection.

Do you provide feedback on my Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) essays?

No, but I do provide thorough video lessons on that topic, and you can always post general AWA questions in the various GMAT forums (e.g., Beat The GMAT and GMAT Club). Also, the test-makers (GMAT) offer a service called GMAT Write, where you can get up to four essays scored by the official essay scoring system ($30 fee)

How close are your practice questions to those on the actual GMAT?

Very close. We agonized over the creation of every question to ensure the questions in this course match those on the official test. The questions are also categorized by difficulty to help you gauge your progress.