The benefits of a classroom course

Self-paced online learning isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s pretty strange when compared to the learning we’ve experienced in the past. Most of us have learned in structured environments where students sit with fellow classmates, complete activities at a desk, and raise our hand to ask questions — all within a specific timeframe. Deviating from this method of learning may take some people out of their comfort zone. So, for some people, it’s best to stick with what works. 

Here are a few reasons to take a classroom course:

  • Since classroom-based courses run on a set schedule, they can help you manage your time and keep your studies on track.
  • Instruction can be adapted to suit the needs of the class
  • Teachers can immediately correct students’ mistakes and help keep the learning process moving
  • Students can network and share experiences with other learners
  • Many people simply learn better in a classroom setting.

Below are some classroom GMAT prep courses that offer great value.

Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep (formery Manhattan GMAT)

Locations: Various locations 

Manhattan Prep has several things going for it. First, their instructors are required to have official GMAT scores in the 99th percentile, which means they fully understand what’s required to perform well. Furthermore, Manhattan Prep pays its instructors very well (typically over $100/hour), which allows Manhattan Prep to recruit from a large pool of applicants who are seeking the best wages. Finally, their comprehensive 10-book series (which lies at the heart of each Manhattan Prep course) contiues to receive great reviews from students.    

Veritas Prep

Locations: Various locations

Veritas Prep is known for its 36-hour classroom GMAT course, which is about 30% longer than those of most competitors. Veritas Prep requires its instructors to have official GMAT scores in the 99th percentile, which means they know what it takes to perform well. Furthermore, like Manhattan Prep, Veritas Prep pays its instructors high salaries to attract the best applicants. Finally, Veritas Prep’s textbooks (12 in total) are beautifully laid out and serve as excellent resources once the course is over, and you're getting ready to take the GMAT.

University of British Columbia Continuing Studies

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Full disclosure: The founder of GMAT Prep Now (Brent Hanneson) created this course for UBC, so we could be somewhat biased. That said, the course instructors are AMAZING, and it doesn’t get much nicer than downtown Vancouver!

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