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Mastering the content that the GMAT tests is the first step toward a great GMAT score. The next step is practicing until you're fast enough and accurate enough to reach your target score. Below are some sources of great GMAT practice questions. 

Official Guide for GMAT Review - 2020 edition (paid)

This resource is an absolute must for anyone preparing for the GMAT. It features 900+ retired (once on the actual test) questions. So, they will give you the best idea of the types of questions you’ll encounter on test day. 

Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review – 2020 edition (paid)

This book features 300 retired GMAT Verbal questions and solutions. When you purchase the book, you also get online access to the same questions. The online version includes functionality that allows you to build your own practice tests.

Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review – 2020 edition (paid) 

This book is the same as the Verbal Review book above, except it features 300 retired GMAT Quantitative questions and solutions.

2020 Official Guide Bundle (paid)

Save money by purchasing the 3 above resources as a bundle.


Official GMATPrep Question Pack 1

Official GMATPrep® Question Pack (paid)

This downloadable resource contains 200 Quantitative, 180 Verbal and 24 Integrated Reasoning question. These questions are not included in any other official GMAT product. Integrated Reasoning Practice Questions (FREE)

These 19 free Integrated Reasoning questions are from the official test-maker, so be sure to give them a try. Integrated Reasoning - PAID IR practice questions Integrated Reasoning Practice Questions (paid)

These questions are straight from the test-maker. This resource features 48 never-before-seen questions and solutions.


This popular GMAT discussion forum has over 90,000 GMAT practice questions, and each question is tagged by level of difficulty (a feature I particularly like). There are tons of free resources, and the site has a timer for each question so you can see how you're doing time-wise.   

Beat The GMAT Forums (FREE)

This popular discussion forum has over 75,000 practice questions. Plus, the featured experts on the site often demonstrate a variety of great approaches to each question. Also, if you post a question, you'll typically receive a response in less than 30 minutes.

To help you focus on one topic at a time, you can use BTG's question tagging feature. For example, here are all of the questions tagged as statistics questions (see the left side of that linked page for more tag options)

Finally, this site provides a 60-day study guide, which uses GMAT Prep Now's videos for instruction. If you sign up for this free service, you'll receive a daily email with learning activities that guide you, step-by-step, from day 1 to test day.  

Veritas Prep Question Bank

Veritas Prep Question Bank (FREE)

Veritas doesn’t say exactly how many questions are in this question bank (their website says “hundreds”). I checked out a few dozen questions, and (no surprise) they’re great. 

Manhattan Prep GMAT Challenge questions - practice Questions

Manhattan Prep GMAT Challenge Questions (FREE/PAID)

If you’re aiming for a quantitative score that ranks among the best, check out these challenge questions. You can even win stuff!

Veritas Prep Integrated Reasoning Questions - practice

Veritas Prep Integrated Reasoning Questions (FREE)

Great resource, with GMAT-like functionality. There are 14 Integrated Reasoning test items in total. 

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