Course Overview

Navigating the video course

If you’re new to preparing for the GMAT, you can follow my comprehensive Study Guide, which will lead you, step-by-step, all the way to test day. If you’ve already spent some time preparing and just need to strengthen some remaining areas of weakness, just go to the corresponding modules (e.g., Geometry, Statistics, Sentence Correction, etc) and start learning! 

Note: If you wish to customize your study plan to suit your specific needs/goals but need some help doing so, arrange a meeting with me to discuss. I'm happy to help!

Reinforcement activities

Each video lesson includes a Reinforcement Activities box with links to practice questions related to the concepts covered in the video (here’s an example). There are several ways to use these practice questions:

  • After watching a video lesson, answer 2 or 3 practice questions to confirm that you learned the concepts/techniques covered in the lesson.
  • Once you’ve completed a module (e.g., Geometry, Statistics), return to the Reinforcement Activities boxes for extra practice.
  • After taking a full-length practice test, use the categorized practice questions to strengthen any remaining weaknesses that you identified.

Variable playback speeds

All of the videos in the course can be played at various speeds (25% faster, 50% faster etc). Just click the Settings icon on the right side of the video status bar and choose a speed that works best for you.

Asking questions

If you have any questions, doubts or even wild theories you’d like to discuss, just post them in the Comment section of the corresponding video (example), and I'll respond as soon as is humanly possible. If you have general questions about customizing your study plan, analyzing your practice tests, etc., schedule a time to meet. Don’t be shy!


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