Why GMAT Prep Now?


Great product not only for advanced students but also for those beginning! Love GMAT Prep Now and wish I found out about it a little earlier.
Sarah Allan, Charlotte, North Carolina
The lessons are quite intuitive and, at the same time, they cover in-depth approaches to problems that we tend normally to neglect during the course of preparation on the GMAT.
Chidu, Gujarat, India

GMAT Tip of the Day

Powers and Roots

If an exponent is an even integer, then the expression will always evaluate to be a positive number regardless of the sign of the base. There is one exception however; if the base is zero, then the expression will evaluate to be zero.

GMAT titude

"If plan A doesn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters - 204 if you're in Japan."
- Claire Cook

GMAT Distraction of the Day

All 3 founders of Apple worked at Atari before forming Apple.

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