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GMAT Prep Now is an excellent resource for understanding GMAT concepts in a virtual classroom environment and for those on a budget. The resources available are excellent - leverage them to the fullest. The instructor's method of teaching definitely connected with me.
Arindam M., Toronto, Ontario
The most efficient learning tool I’ve used (and at a comparably low price!). Keep up the good work!
Christine, Darmstadt, Germany

GMAT Tip of the Day

Sentence Correction

It’s important to note that there are some rare instances in which a collective noun functions as a plural subject. The rule is this: If the members of the group function as a unit, then treat the collective noun as singular; if the members of the group function individually, then treat the collective noun as plural.

GMAT titude

"The determination to win is the better part of winning."
- Daisaku Ikeda

GMAT Distraction of the Day

Ian Murphy is the king of the old-school computer hackers. In 1981, he and three accomplices broke into the AT&T phone system and changed its internal clocks so that customers would get midnight discounts in midday, while late-night callers got stuck with outrageous bills. For the incident, Murphy became the first hacker to be charged with a computer crime.

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