Why GMAT Prep Now?


After trying many other websites and guides, I was lucky to find the GMAT Prep Now videos, which are the easiest and the fastest way to prepare for the exam.
Rimoun Adel, C.E.O - Nile Creations, Cairo
GMAT Prep Now is an excellent resource for understanding GMAT concepts in a virtual classroom environment and for those on a budget. The resources available are excellent - leverage them to the fullest. The instructor's method of teaching definitely connected with me.
Arindam M., Toronto, Ontario

GMAT Tip of the Day

Data Sufficiency

When it comes to Data Sufficiency questions, one of the biggest mistakes a student can make is not taking the time to determine whether the target question can be rephrased in a more convenient way. Failing to do so can often result in a long and tedious solution.

GMAT titude

"It has never been my object to record my dreams, just the determination to realize them."
- Man Ray

GMAT Distraction of the Day

Most teddy bears are manufactured with a neutral expression on their face so that children can project their own emotions onto the stuffed creatures.

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