Free Downloads

The following downloads can help you better prepare for the GMAT.

The Official GMAT Website

The website can be difficult to navigate in places. Here are some direct links to important pages.

GMAT Discussion Forums

Discussion forums are a great place to connect with your peers who are also preparing the GMAT and to review, ask and answer math and verbal questions.

The best and most popular discussion forum on the Web is Beat The GMAT.


MBA Resources

GRE Preparation

If you need to take the GRE in order to apply to an MBA program (or apply to some other graduate program), you should know that the creators of GMAT Prep Now also created a GRE test prep course called Greenlight GRE.

MBA Admissions Consultants

Applying for admission to an MBA program isn’t easy. If you need a high-quality admissions consultant, consider the following:

MBA Application Deadlines

Applying for admission to an MBA program involves various deadlines. To keep them all straight, start with these useful websites.

International Resources offers live GMAT prep courses and MBA application support all around Germany (Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg). All coaches are MBA graduates from top European Business Schools and universities.


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